Workshop #8: Health & Human Services

The Leadership Tomorrow class will be meeting at the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living, where we will listen to Dr. Ehab Maddy speak about his preventative program on vascular disease.

We will then get to tour the mental health center, Center for Healthy Living, Costa Mesa Family Resources center and SOS programs.

The class then gets to hear from CSULB-CIRM Stem Cell Biotechnology Program and their search for human disease cures through their groundbreaking research.

Board member, Tim Bauer from Olive Crest will then present on the state of children and family services in Orange County and how Olive Crest works in partnership with the county on foster care and adoption needs.

The class then travels to CHOC, where we will hear Oliver Wyss, founder of Soccer for Hope tell his personal story of loss and how it has inspired him and his foundation to raise money for cancer research.  Immediately following Oliver’s talk, the class will get a behind the scenes look of the STEM Cells Research Lab with Dr. Azita Nourani, Cord Blood Bank Supervisor, BMT Lab.  There is groundbreaking work being done in this lab that is helping pave the way to future cures for childhood cancers.

Finally, the class will get to tour CHOC and visit the NICU, Oncology and Emergency Services with a private tour provided by Foundation Staff members.