Welcome to the Leadership Tomorrow Class of 2019

Teresa Alarcon
Brian Andersen
Clare Bielecki
Cheryl Braun
Michael Carter
Wendy Chambers
Daniel Connor
Gary Conwell
Diane Daruty

Adrianne DiLeva-Johnson
David Feldberg
Kaitlynn Irvine
Rachel Johnson
Lori Karaguezian
Christina Kim
Denton Knapp
Kyle McGillen
John Reed

Lora Ross
Debra Shrider
Lisa Thomas
Richard Vanzini
Scott Vitebskiy
Jacob Williams
Benjamin Zdeba

 Congratulations to the Leadership Tomorrow Class of 2018

Elizabeth Aguilar
Yvette Aguilar
Jonathan Barilone
Lori Baumann
Eileen Benjamin
Christina Cala
Christopher Coates
Brian Cordeiro

Derrien Cotton
Garrison De Vine
Ashley Garcia
Daniel Han
Tam Ho
Karen Holt
Tiesha Hutchins
Virginia Illes
Kathy Lamm

Ariane MacDonald
Brian McDonough
Serene Nasser
Jason Pyle
Jay Short
Chris Vanderstar
Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Jessica Welch

    Interested in joining the
    Leadership Tomorrow Class of 2020?

    Applications for the Class of 2020 beginning in September, 2019 will be accepted in Spring, 2019. Please join our eMail database for updates.

    Alumni Mixer at IRWD's
    Duck Club a Great Success

    • "Every year, I see individuals complete this program with an incredible behind the scenes tour of the inner workings of our County..."
    • "Leadership Tomorrow provides class members with a front-row seat to hear about the inner workings of Orange County, providing a glimpse into the key areas of our community and how leaders deal with today’s issues."
    • "The nine months of classes were a great learning experience packed with information and exposure to amazing people and programs.  The experience provided me with concrete contacts that have made my business life more productive."
    • "The variety of individuals, locations and organizations we were exposed to made this an extremely valuable experience."
    • “The invaluable information I received and the experiences I had as a Leadership Tomorrow participant gave me to the tools I needed to become a City Councilman, Mayor and now President & CEO of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce.”
    • "Leadership Tomorrow has brought me closer to the Community I serve. It's not a leadership class, it's a class for leaders."
    • "Citizens who aspire to serve their community need to understand the big picture of Orange County, and this is like a back stage pass. The program provides access to over 150 speakers and panelists on today’s community issues."
    • "I believe Leadership Tomorrow has proven to be the most effective way to understand and get involved in our community. If you want to be successful, it’s a program  you should strongly consider."

    A Message from our 2017-2018 Leadership Tomorrow Chair Kristin Miller.