For one full business day a month, for nine months, class members participate in a workshop focused on one aspect of the local community (Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine and Tustin) that is common to all communities. During the workshops, class members hear presentations and participate in panel discussions and other activities with local leaders and experts. Class size is limited so all participants can interact on a one-on-one basis with presenters.

Throughout the nine-month program, you will be stimulated by cutting edge leadership philosophy, challenged by your peers, and asked to contribute your own perspective to the ongoing discussions. The program requires a commitment of your time and focused energies, but it will give back to you in ways that will enhance all aspects of your life.Tuition includes any related meals, transportation and material costs throughout all the workshops. A number of scholarships are available as well to assist. We also suggest participants contact their employers to inquire about training funds for this purpose.

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Workshops Overview

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Workshop # 1   |   History – Setting the Foundation for Leadership

The first workshop introduces class members to one another and charts the course of experiences to come. Highlights of the day include a history of the communities the Leadership Tomorrow program serves, team building exercides, an overview of the program and sharing from past graduates.

Workshop #2   |   Water & Utilities

This workshop provides a once in a lifetime insiders look deep into water issues. Featuring a private tour of water supply related facilities, reservoirs and filtration plants not open to the public, participants will gain a new appreciation of how the water system works and various related issues stemming from this life-giving resource system.

Workshop #3   |   Housing & Transportation

This workshop addresses issues facing our local transportation and housing infrastructure. From tours of new housing facilities, to potential alternative transportation methods and the challenges businesses face in finding housing for their workforces, participants will see there is a lot more behind the traffic than meets the eye.

Workshop #4   |   Education

The issues of leadership start early in the education system, and this workshop explores our local school system from many different angles. Featuring interactive panel discussions, facility tours and presentations, class participants will learn first-hand about today’s issues facing our educators and students directly, including alternative and post secondary systems.

Workshop #5   |   Business & Community

Featuring interactive panels from local business professionals, including Chamber of Commerce officials, participants will learn the ins and outs of challenges facing local business in Orange County and how the current climate of business impacts other facets of the community.

Workshop #6   |   The Arts in Our Community

Orange County has a dynamic and diverse arts element in its culture. This workshop explores this area through “behind the scenes” tours of facilities such as the Orange County Performing Arts Center, museums, outdoor public art collections and multi-media showcases. The business elements of the arts are discussed as well as the current challenges facing this creative field.

Workshop #7   |   Justice & Public Safety

Always one of the highest rated workshops, this intense experience provides a glimpse into our local court and judicial system, usually featuring a private tour of a current jail facility and a frank discussion with those currently in the system, on both sides of the cell.

Workshop #8   |   Health & Human Services

This day explores the vast and intricate system of local healthcare. Through exclusive tours and panel discussions, participants will be exposed to today’s current health issues through the eyes of its professionals, from life-changing technologies utilized in major hospitals, to the business side of health services, including senior, specialized and non-traditional care options.

Workshop #9   |   Local Government / Guest Luncheon

This workshop provides access to our local leaders to learn from them first-hand about the challenges and rewards from public service in leadership roles. A panel of current city council members from our local cities is featured. Potential class members for the upcoming year are also invited to this workshop to catch a glimpse of the Leadership Tomorrow program.