Workshop #7: Justice Day

The Leadership Tomorrow Justice Day workshop on March 16, 2017 will challenge students’ perceptions of social justice and current legal issues within our communities. The class of 2017 will begin with a continental breakfast in the Library of the Public Defender building in Santa Ana.

Our first speakers of the morning will address Human Trafficking. We are fortunate to have Oree Freeman and Jim Carson speak to the class. The Orange County Register listed 20-year-old Oree as one of the most influential people in OC in 2015. Oree was a victim of human trafficking when she was 11 years old. With the help of Jim Carson and the Orangewood Foundation, she was able to leave that life behind. Her story is sure to capture everyone’s attention.

Following Oree and Mr. Carson, we will have a rare opportunity to listen and speak with District Attorney Tony Rackaukus and Public Defender Sharon Petrosino. Both will engage in a speaker’s panel and will answer questions from Leadership Tomorrow students.

Our morning ends with another speaker’s panel with arguably four of the most influential public servants in our county. Police Chiefs Jon Lewis (Newport Beach), Robert Sharpnack (Costa Mesa), Charles Celano Jr. (Tustin) and Mike Hamel (Irvine) will discuss current policing and legal issues in our communities and state. They too will answer questions from Leadership Tomorrow students.

The class will walk off lunch from the Public Defender building over to the Men’s Central Jail in Santa Ana. Students will tour the facility and gain an insight to the issues and experiences inside one of our county jail facilities.

Our day will end with guest speaker Nancy Clark. Ms. Clark is a criminal justice consultant who advocates alternative treatment programs ranging from substance abuse to shoplifting.