• Tess McAnena, Class of 2022
    "Leadership Tomorrow opened my eyes to the intricate workings of our County. Not only did the program gave me a behind-the-scenes view of how a city is run, but it also introduced me to leaders in a variety of different fields who want to serve. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in gaining a deeper connection to the community we live in."
    Tess McAnena, Class of 2022
    Executive Director, GSF Foundation
  • Richard J. Ward, CFP®”, Class of 2022
    "Leadership Tomorrow proved most valuable in getting a well-rounded perspective on Orange County’s leading institutions and issues, I greatly valued learning so much in this eye opening process.  In addition, I’ve greatly enjoyed the relationships I’ve developed with my classmates.  I look forward to seeing them, and so many others, at upcoming alumni events."
    Richard J. Ward, CFP®”, Class of 2022
  • Steve Rosansky, Class of ’02
    “The invaluable information I received and the experiences I had as a Leadership Tomorrow participant gave me to the tools I needed to become a City Councilman, Mayor and now President & CEO of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce.”
    Steve Rosansky, Class of ’02
    President and C.E.O., Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Jon Lewis, Class of '12
    "Leadership Tomorrow has brought me closer to the Community I serve. It's not a leadership class, it's a class for leaders."
    Jon Lewis, Class of '12
    Former Chief of Police, City of Newport Beach
  • Jeff Parker
    "Every year, I see individuals complete this program with an incredible behind the scenes tour of the inner workings of our County. I believe Leadership Tomorrow has proven to be the most effective way to understand and get involved in our community.  Citizens who aspire to serve their community need to understand the big picture of Orange County, and this is like a back stage pass. The program provides access to over 150 speakers and panelists on today’s community issues. If you want to be successful, it’s a program you should strongly consider."
    Jeff Parker
    Executive Administrator, Leadership Tomorrow